Is Music a language?

Edit: This post is now in German as well

So I thought I might just get one of my main ideas out there, I sincerely believe that music is a language capable of communicating on its own. That’s actually why I was against Stravinsky in my post yesterday, because I think that he was absolutely wrong in saying that music can’t express….because any language is able to express. Just my view of course.

Anyway, I thought I might start discussion by uploading an essay I wrote for my IB English LangLit course a couple of months ago. I basically argued here that a piece of music is exactly the same as a piece of literature but in a different language. I compared Mozart’s Requiem with a modern Requiem Mass by Mr. Paul Barker, who’s now teaching music at Kellet School Hong Kong, having performed both pieces I thought it would interesting to compare how the requiem mass has changed over time.

The essay was however a failure because some of the English teachers moderating my coursework thought it wasn’t linguistic enough. I did use linguistic terminology šŸ˜¦ I subsequently submitted it to Oxford Brookes as part of my portfolio and got an offer (though I turned it down for Birmingham University). Take THAT IB syllabus.

No doubt I’ll talk more about music as a language in the future (it’s actually one of the reasons I started this blog). Anyway, enjoy the essay if you want. It’s not very long because there was a 1k word limit + 300 word abstract. Some people who were reading my previous posts seemed to be very offended by the sheer amount of unchecked grammar mistakes I had last night (shock horror), I haven’t proofread the essay again so read at your own risk šŸ™‚

Download link is below.
As per last night, discussions are always open.

Requiem WA 22


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